With a clear objective to repair, transform and modernize old or degraded spaces, we help with the choice and application of solutions that recover the original look and comfort of refurbished spaces.

With a personalized and close service to the client, we value above all the quality, durability and economy of all our interventions, starting with the presentation of fully rigorous and duly discriminated budgets.

Remodeling of spaces and buildings

We offer our remodeling service with the purpose of renewing and modernizing the appearance of spaces, as well as improving its functionality, making interventions in all areas of civil construction:

  • Wall and floor coverings;
  • Carpentry;
  • Locksmiths;
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • Waterproofing;
  • Light walls, partitions and false ceilings;
  • Sanitary equipment;
  • Water networks;
  • Gas networks;
  • Electricity networks;
  • Telecommunications networks;
  • Roofs;
  • Interior and exterior paints;
  • Among others.

Repair of premises and buildings

All the materials applied in the construction industry have a certain durability, and when reached, can put in question the quality and the longevity of a construction, initiating a devaluation process.

Whether the interventions are small or large, we intend to repair, maintain, repair or conserve the correct operation of its facilities, applying whenever as possible a principle of sustainability.

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