A vision of the future

Ecorbis is a brand that offers its clients and partners a set of services in the field of civil construction. It was created based on technical knowledge accumulated over more than 30 years.

With a balanced mix of youth and experience, we are equipped with new ideas and reliable methods. At the same time, we creatively interpret the needs of our customers by providing intelligent solutions.

The company operates throughout the Portuguese territory and provides services to public and private clients, maintaining a relationship of trust with several suppliers.

With the very clear goal of affirming the brand, both in the domestic market and in the international market, we work hard to achieve excellence in all services provided.


Administrator: António Pena

Our values

Our vision quickly became our passion, namely, to improve the quality of life of our customers. Guided by four core values, we are building a unique culture, focused on our employees and teamwork, promoting innovation, excellence and success for our customers.


We always work to the highest professional and ethical standards, establishing trust being opened, honest and responsible. We act with honesty and transparency, keeping our promises and commitments.


We are adaptive, agile, we are always moving and constantly learning. We work quickly and flexibly, ensuring that deadlines are met, making decisions according to the priorities and urgent requests of our clients.


We base our actions on the highest standards of safety and quality, ensuring technical, economic and environmental protection.


Since quality is a priority, we understand that the only way to be in the market is through serious commitment and competitive dynamics. Our goal is to meet, or even exceed, the expectations and requirements of our customers, ensuring a precise, efficient and economic service.


We exist to solve your problems. Let's talk?

Av Nuno Krus Abecassis Nº36, Store 25

1750-456 Lisbon


+351 934 515 361

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