This page provides a set of answers to questions that are being put to us on the most diverse topics and whose answer we consider important to share with a larger group of recipients.

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  • General

  • The various forms of the Ecorbis website are located on a secure server that guarantees the security of the information provided. The system uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. SSL works by encrypting all communications between your computer and our server so that the information cannot be intercepted.

    If you are the owner of a property and need a budget, we visit your property, survey the needs and present a budget, free of charge and without obligation.
    If you need a budget to do some work on a property you are considering buying, this service is charged at a fixed cost. This fixed cost is written off in the budget in case it is accepted. This happens because there are several factors that decrease the likelihood that the work will be performed, such as the complex processes involved in the purchase of the property.

    Generally, budgets have a validity of 30 days. If you need a longer term, you will need to refer to this when requesting budgeting.

    Our customers are very important to us. The main objective of Ecorbis is to fight for the customer satisfaction in every way.
    If you have a less enjoyable experience with our brand or service, please contact us. Please give us your opinion, through the contact form or send an email to We are at your disposition during the weekdays, between 9:00 a.m. and 17:30 p.m.

  • Architecture and Engineering

  • An architect, among other activities, elaborates studies and projects related to buildings, creatively looking for the most appropriate solutions to different needs.
    They are the only technicians who can develop architectural projects, having the duty to guarantee the conformity of the intervention to be performed, based on the applicable legislation and assuming all applicable legal and regulatory responsibilities.

    Engineers are problem solvers. They apply math and science as well as communication skills, critical thinking and management to build products that meet the diverse needs. Briefly, they are responsible for designing, creating, building, improving and inventing.
    They are the only technicians who can develop specialty projects, having the duty to guarantee the compliance of the intervention to be performed, based on the applicable legislation and assuming all applicable legal and regulatory responsibilities.

    Engineers and architects have different skills, so they always need to work together in the various specialties, making possible the overall execution of the project. The better communication and teamwork among these technicians, the better the results, from shortening execution times to decreasing costs throughout the project.

    The most appropriate technician to follow up on a process is determined after the technical visit and the respective survey of needs and, it varies according to the type of work to be carried out. At Ecorbis, the information on the type of work and the existing needs is provided to the entire team, being followed up by both technicians - engineers and architects.

    The projects of the various specialties are a set of drawings and information that define the execution of the work. This type of document will also assist in the future maintenance of the property.

    Ecorbis elaborates architectural projects and several engineering specialties projects. These range from the preliminary study or feasibility study, to the execution project, passing also through the approval projects in the competent bodies. If you would like to see a detailed list of projects and studies that we have developed, go to the Engineering and Architecture Services page.

    We design projects to be executed in the conventional systems, metallic structure or Light Steel Frame. We prefer a rigorous and high-quality execution, choosing the type of structure that makes the most sense, considering the environmental conditions, existing free space, neighbouring constructions, type of work to be developed and economic conditions.

    Sustainability is considered in various phases of the project, from the study of energy efficiency to advice and application of various solutions and equipment, such as the application of tanks or solar panels for the heating of sanitary waters. We always aim to reduce environmental impact by providing guidance to our customers on the required investments and their return times.

    Architectural or specialty projects are the basis of all the investment you intend to make. As such, there are several steps to be taken to deliver the projects:

    • Initially and without commitment, a meeting is held to understand the client's goals;
    • Next, a budget is presented for the various projects required;
    • If the budget is accepted by the client, it is necessary to hold a new meeting to align the future projects to the maximum expectations of the client and another, personally, at the place of intervention;
    • After a certain period, the pre-projects are presented to the client, which can undergo revisions;
    • After acceptance of the projects by the client, we proceed to the submission of the same and follow the respective approvals in the competent bodies (City Hall and / or other official institutions);
    • After acceptance of the projects by the competent bodies, the work is ready to start.

    No two projects are the same. And for that very reason, we do not provide budgets without first discussing the project with the client or the promoter, in order to know more about the objectives, the type, the complexity and the size of the work. After the first meeting, one of our project managers will provide the client with a list of required tasks and their values.
    Keep in mind that engineering fees are a small percentage of the total cost of the investment to be made. The money spent on a good project can save money in the construction phase, reflecting on the technical performance and durability of the venture.

    Like the price, the term of a project varies according to its complexity and size, and the team of technicians will evaluate and set the execution deadlines.

  • Construction

  • If it is not necessary to develop architectural projects and special projects, we recommend that you always hold a consulting meeting with our technicians. You will leave this meeting with concrete plans and objectives that ensure that your vision, budget and goals are considered from the outset.

    Yes, we work with our clients to give them the most complete response on the market, from designing, building, managing and tailoring your new home from start to finish.

    The Construction Auditor is required to ensure that the construction and materials used are as planned and meet the quality requirements. In this way, the Owner of Work ensures that the client, through the inspections carried out, is acquiring a safe construction with the desired quality.

    The appointment of the safety coordinator of the work is mandatory whenever two or more companies are expected to intervene in the execution of the work.

    In various types of structures, there are certain walls that are used to convey the weight of the roof or upper floors, also known as the master wall.
    Removal of structural elements without any type of evaluation jeopardizes the security of the property receiving the intervention and the properties around it, putting at risk the lives of the workers and users involved.
    As such, we recommend that before making any changes, request a visit from one of our technicians to assess the situation, which will advise what to do and how to make the changes you want.

    Remove your personal items from the intervention area, remove frames and other items from the walls of the property. Although we do our best to reduce dirt by adding plastic sheets and protection on the floor around the intervention areas, the best way to take action is to always prevent.

    Our team will clean the place during the work. If necessary, a container will be placed in the vicinity during the intervention to aid in the removal of debris.

    Not all work requires a license, and depending on the type of intervention, the law defines some situations of exemption from licensing. However, this does not mean that the intervention of technicians in these situations should be dismissed.

  • Energetic Certification

  • The Energy Certificate is a document that classifies buildings considering their energy performance. This classification is based on 8 different energy classes: A +, A, B, B-, C, D, E, F, where A + is the class corresponding to a more efficient property and F is a property with a poor energy performance. This document is provided by technicians authorized by ADENE, containing information on the characteristics of the property and aims to identify some measures to improve energy performance.

    Energy certification is mandatory in the following cases:

    • All new buildings;
    • All existing buildings / fractions subject to major rehabilitation interventions, i.e. interventions in the surrounding area or technical building facilities, costing more than 25% of the building's value;
    • Existing commercial buildings / fractions and services with useful indoor floor area of 1000 m2 or more, or 500 m2 in the case of shopping centres, hypermarkets, supermarkets and indoor swimming pools;
    • Buildings that are owned by a public entity and have a floor area of more than 500 m2, if it is regularly visited by the public;
    • All buildings / fractions that are for sale, locution or lease.

    All the properties that are for sale or to rent are obliged, since 2013, to have the corresponding energy certificate. In case of non-compliance, individuals are subject to a fine between € 250 and € 3740 and companies between € 2500 and € 44890.

    The energy certification evaluates the thermal behaviour of the building elements of the housing, such as its surroundings and the type of insulation of the walls and windows, the gains and the heat losses of the housing. It also evaluates the location of the property, the year of construction, the floor and the area, as well as the equipment associated with the air conditioning (ventilation, heating and cooling) and the production of hot sanitary water.

    On average, the visit takes 30 minutes, depending on some variables, such as number of windows of the property, number of heating and cooling technical systems, floor plan existence or not, geometric complexity of the surroundings, among others.

    Yes, you can ask for a quote for the properties that you want to certify, receiving a special discount for the submission of more than one certificate.

    Qualified real estate with A or A + ratings allow a 10% increase, within the limit established for collection deduction, in the item "Interest and amortization of debt" or "Interest and amortization of debts contracted with the acquisition" in the statement of IRS (Article 85 (6) of the CIRS).
    In terms of IMI, some municipalities make it possible to reduce the tax on energy efficient buildings, as a way of rewarding good practices. Check with your local authority to take advantage of these benefits.

    If you are going to make renovations in your property and already have a valid Energy Certificate does not need a new certificate. If you do not have an Energy Certificate, please contact our technicians to make the best energy interventions, and the certificate will be issued after the completion of the renovations.

    Yes, you must request a printed version of the Energy Certificate from the owner or developer. Alternatively, you can search for it in the SCE database on the ADENE Website, either through the document number, or through other data identifying the property.

    ADENE is a private institution, with the participation of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, which promotes activities of public interest in the field of Energy Policy.

    The issuance of Energy Certificates is the responsibility of the qualified experts. For this purpose, they shall use a computerized system made available by ADENE for the production and registration of these documents.

    If you want to improve energy efficiency, you can implement the improvement measures presented in the energy certificate or consult one of our expert technicians.

    The measures are not mandatory, they are only recommendations to help reduce your invoice and minimize the environmental impact.

    After the validity of the Energy Certificate, you will only need to revalidate it if you are in any of the situations identified in the previous question "When is it necessary to request a certificate?".
    If you are not in any of these situations, you will not need to revalidate the Energy Certificate.