Thanks for your interest in being an author for the Ecorbis Blog. Before submitting an application as an author, read the Blog guidelines to get a better understanding of our goal.

Reasons to become an author at Ecorbis

As an author at Ecorbis, you will:

  • Get exposure to a large number of people and companies, in various professional areas;
  • Make your company known in the area of the biography;
  • Provide your readers with the link(s) to your social networks or personal website.

Quality guidelines

We only accept articles that convey value, teach, and inform our readers. To do this, you must comply with the following rules:

  • No plagiarized articles from other platforms will be published;
  • Articles that only promote your company or business will be refused. This will only be allowed within the biography;
  • All facts and claims must be accurate. Whenever a search is performed, these sources should be mentioned and forwarded with a link, if possible;
  • All articles should have images or screenshots. When possible, the article should be accompanied by images that demonstrate what is said in the text;
  • The images or screenshots submitted must respect existing laws and image policies. It is recommended to use images that have been explicitly placed in the public domain;
  • All images will be subject to revision;
  • Images submitted must have a minimum of 300dpi or 1 megabyte (1MB);
  • Videos submitted must be of .mp4 format, with a minimum resolution of 1280 × 720 (720p).

By sending photos and videos, you authorize Ecorbis to publish any or all of the photos on the Ecorbis website and social media platforms.

Topics we are currently addressing

We cover a variety of topics, which have been created for the interest of the brand and our writers. Although we have a very broad group of topics, we are available to consider new topics that you would like to address. Topics currently covered:

  • Architecture and Engineering;
  • Opinion Articles;
  • Home;
  • Construction;
  • Culture;
  • Sports;
  • Economy;
  • Global;
  • Lifestyle;
  • Technology;

Submission Process

If you have read all the guidelines and still wish to belong to our group of writers, fill out our survey below and attach an example / type article (only pdf, doc or docx files are accepted).

The ubmission of the article type / example serves as an internal evaluation method, which we do to our writers. If you have published articles, we ask you to provide them with a link, which facilitated your submission process.

We look forward to reading your articles!

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